"Portraits, etc."
by d. bly


This site will be offering artwork by myself, as well as eventually, some other
artists in a variety of mediums, including oils, pastels, pencil and watercolour as well as Fabric Works.
"People" "Portraits" is my main subject, but I have also done "Pet" portraits and other artwork, including landscapes,
American Indian and Western Scenes, and watercolour scenes as well as backdrops and props for a dance studio.

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In addition, you will be able to click on a variety of links, ranging from a LINK TO Tregtrak Creations , My Teddy Bears and Other Furry Animals section

Other Items of Interest

Some sites of interest to me, more on a personal level, but may be of interest to others include:

A Wonderful English Pointer (& Vizsla) Site of Lyn Topinka & Gene Iwatsubo.
English River WebSite

Also, take a look at Columbia River Photos and information at website

My Trakehner Horse Farm Site:

Tregardock Trakehners
Progressive Equestrian Therapeutic Services, Inc. (PETS):
A Therapeutic Riding Center

Pets, Inc.
Below is an animation I've developed showing the progression of our house being rebuilt after a fire, Thanksgiving Day, 2000. The house was rebuilt by Insurance Repair Specialists

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email: info@portraits-etc.com
or email:dbly (sometimes the above email does not work)


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