Portraits, etc.

Fabric Artwork - Quilted Wall Hangings
The following are photos of some of my wall hangings made out of bits of fabric, pieced together and then quilted. Sizes vary. Each hanging can contain anywhere from about 7 different colors of fabric, to 20-25 different colors of fabric. The more intricate ones may have about a thousand different pieces. I have "landscape" types, "portraits" or just about anything. Almost any photo can be used and turned into a wall hanging. I work in Oils, pastels, pencil and watercolour. If interested in having a portrait or other painting done, or a wall hanging, or if you are interested in any of my wall hangings or other paintings, please email. please contact me here for pricing information.

Landscapes, etc.

Meadow Pond

Fabric Landscape Painting. Approx 24"x36"


Fabric Landscape Painting. Approx 24"x36"


Fabric Painting - Using only about 7 different colors.

Painting with Fabrics


Album Cover - In Search of the Lost Chord - Front and Back with Insert of Quilted LP

JH Blue JH Red

Portraits done in fabrics.

Album cover - Days of Future Passed front cover

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