Tregtrak Creations -- Teddy Bears and Other Furry Animals

I currently do some restoration of teddy bears and other animals. I only use quality materials, trying as best as possible to match to the original fabrics, mohair, felts, eyes and threads for nose and claw stitching. Have a bear that no longer growls? I can add a new growler for you. Same with squeakers. Please look at the restorations I have done so far. More to come.

Tregtrak Creations


Early American Bear, from the 1930's, possibly a Knickerbocker. This bear needed a new nose, mouth, a restuffing, which gave him his hump back, and he definitely needed new paw pads. He also needed each arm and leg restitched. All joints were tightened as well. His growler was not repairable. I chose not to put in a new growler at this time. This bear can also be viewed in Margaret Mandels Teddy Bears & Steiff Animals, Second Edition, page 51, and last image below.

Before-2 Before-3

After-1 After-2
After After Mandel Bear

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