Portraits, etc.

The following photos of watercolours. Please check out the additional pages. I work in Oils, pastels, pencil and watercolour. If interested in having a portrait or other painting done, or if you are interested in any of these paintings, please email. please contact me here for pricing information.

Watercolour Landscapes, etc.

Wood Duck

Dawson Creek Wood Duck taken from photo by Lyn Topinka-- 7x9 watercolour

Winter Scene

December Snow -- 6x9 watercolour


Snowman -- 6x9 watercolour

Hawk Great Blue Heron

Red Tail Hawk and Great Blue Heron, taken from photos by Lyn Topinka -- 9x12 watercolour

Egret Egret Reflection Egret in Tree

Great Egret, taken from photos by Lyn Topinka -- 9x12, 7x9 watercolour

Mushrooms -- 4x6 watercolour

Silhouette Paintings

Egret Silhouette Palm Trees palm trees

Great Egret, taken from photo by Lyn Topinka -- 5x7 watercolour; Palm Trees -- 4x6 watercolours

Silhouette Paintings

Bird in Tree Serenity
Birds in Tree -- 5x7 watercolour; Serenity -- 4x6 watercolour

Pink Dogwoods

Pink Dogwood -- 6x9 watercolour

Lilac Sprig

Lilac Sprig -- 6x9 watercolour


Pansies -- 6x9 watercolour

Autumn Trees 1

Autumn Trees -- 6x9 watercolour

Autumn Trees 2

Autumn Trees 2 -- 6 1/2x10 watercolour

Forever Autumn

Forever Autumn Leaves, -- 9x12 watercolour

Pumpkin Harvest

Pumpkin Harvest, -- 7x10 watercolour

Window Flowers

Window Box Flowers, -- 9x12 watercolour

Pink Flowers

Pink Pansies, -- 4x5 watercolour

Flower Vase

Flowers in Vase 1, -- 7x9 watercolour

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